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Getting to know the Dragon Tiger card

Dragon Tiger card, also known as Dragon Tiger is a card family casino game that is considered easy to play and takes the least time. With origins from Cambodia Which has been received so well that the Dragon Tiger game has spread to casinos around the world. Making

Dragon Tiger Formula

Dragon Tiger Formula Online This is the Original formula according to the UFABET edition that most people choose to use. It is a relatively safe formula suitable for players of all levels, be it beginners, intermediate and advanced players, and players with low capital can also

Where does the popularity of baccarat come from?

Back in the early days of Baccarat was born on land between France and Italy Card games. Became more popular as the game itself was taken out of the elite circles. To a general group of players who are both merchants and many other professions. Before it began to

Points in baccarat and the third card

Normally, when we add numbers, let’s say 9+4 is 13, but that’s not the result of Baccarat card games. Because of the side that you stabbed out. For example, the Player side gets 9 and 4 cards when added together to play Baccarat. That is equal to the