Releases rating: Liverpool beats Manchester United 8-0

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Releases rating: Liverpool beats Manchester United 8-0.

English pool shop. It is said that Liverpool will beat Manchester United new record of 8-0 in a red-hot game at Anfield Stadium. This Sunday

7-0 Not Enough, Legal UK Betting Company. The rating is set at Liverpool to overtake Manchester. United set a new record of 8-0 in the red-hot game at Anfield. This Sunday After the Red Devils lost 3 out of the last 4 games and had more team problems than before.

Manchester United has finished their quest for the European Cup this season.

After the latest loss to Bayern Munich 0-1. Which resulted in finishing 4th in Group A. And even the 3rd place quota to continue in the UEFA Europa League second cup was not achieved.

For this Sunday, Manchester United will still have to fight hard. By visiting Liverpool, where last season Ten Hag led the team to lose with a record score of 7-0.

In the eyes of the English pool shop ยูฟ่าเบท it is seen that the chance of Liverpool winning 2-1 is greater than any other score. By placing it at a payout rate of 9/1

A repeat of Liverpool’s 7-0 score is rated at 150/1. While a new record of 8-0 is rated at 250/1.

In the previous 2 seasons of visiting Anfield, Manchester United came away with scores of 0-4 and 0-7 respectively, while this Saturday, in addition to Eric Ten Hag, there will be many injuries. Already receive Still missing the team captain, Bruno Fernandes, who is also banne.