Pep urges Manchester City players to fight back against

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Pep urges Manchester City players to fight back against criticism of losing title chance.

Pep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City, gives encouragement to his players Fight hard to get your hot form back. Overcome the critics who say They are out of contention for the Premier League title.

Pep Guardiola Manager Manchester City Provocative speech crew Fight hard to get your hot form back. To quell some critics who say They have already lost their chance to win the Premier League. From being defeated by leader Liverpool, they are now 4 points clear. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet

Pep said before leading the team to play in the closing game of the UEFA Champions League group.

A trip to Serbia, that “People say it’s over for Man City, but we want to show them that they are wrong.” And come back to believe that actually it’s not over yet We still want to be on the path to winning the championship.”

“Can we do it? It depends on how we show our form.”

Even though Manchester City overshot Luton Town 2-1 on Sunday, But it was considered the first victory in the last 5 games, after 3 straight games and losing to Aston Villa 0-1.

As a result of collecting only 6 points from the last 15 points, Manchester City slipped down to 4th place, with Liverpool, Arsenal and Aston Villa as the top 3.

For this Wednesday night, Manchester City will play the closing game of the Champions League group against Cervena Zvezda, then return to home to play the 17th league game against Crystal Palace on Saturday, Dec. 16. So he left for Saudi Arabia. To continue participating in the FIFA Club World Cup 2023