Merson predicts Manchester City will beat Manchester United in derby match.

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Former famous midfielder Paul Merson has predicted the “Manchester Derby” game between Manchester City and Manchester United on Sunday. That Pep Guardiola’s team will win. It’s easy to go.

    Manchester City just showed great form, attacking Luton 6-2 in the FA Cup 5th round, while the “Red Devils” defeated Nottingham Forest 1-0, while City wanted to win to Racing for the championship, United hope to gain points to compete for the top four, but Merson predicts that this game the home team will not win easily.สมัคร ufabet 

    “If Rasmus Hoylund is fit then I would give Manchester United a chance in this game. Because the visiting team will have a lot of speed in attack with the Danish striker coordinating with Alejandro Carnacho and Marcus Rashford,” Merson analyzed.

    “Hoylund is currently absent due to injury. I think this will be the home team’s only offensive game. Actually, I think Manchester United will come to the Etihad Stadium and be able to fight, but as it happens I’ll probably give the hosts a 3-0 win, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. It’s worse than that.”

    “Erling Haaland scoring 5 goals in an away game against a Premier League team in the FA Cup is not normal. But we tend to view it as normal for him. I can’t describe how special it is. It’s incredible and I truly mean it. He’s brutal in front of goal whether it’s poking the ball in or making a header. That’s what I like about him!”

    “Personally, I think the Liverpool vs. Forest game will be even more difficult to choose. So I think it will be an easy win for the home team.”