Worries: The ‘broken team’ Leicester City face next season

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Worries: The ‘broken team’ situation and concerns Leicester City face next season.

because when something comes to an end. It means opening some doors at the same time. But Leicester City’s ‘relegation’ ending nine years in the Premier League looks more like opening a ‘Pandora’ box. When it became clear. That they were entering a “broken team” state, the squad began to make drastic adjustments. And there are many other things to worry about next season. Reports from โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Factors of the abyss

Of course, by name, having won the Premier League seven years ago plus winning the FA Cup in 2021, it shouldn’t mean that Leicester City will be relegated or even have to struggle to escape death. in this latest season

but also because of many degenerative factors additively, for example

– Deal Failed

Clearly, both the club and Brendan Rodgers seem “too complacent” to allow their squads to go into the slump. “Expiration of life” and did not reinforce the army to adjust to the point enough

The odds started from last season, Summer 2021. Where each deal was negative. Tens of millions of pounds (50-60 million) of capital poured into the market. Got a new one like Patson Daka, Boubakari Soumare, Yannick Vestergaard. Which are all but rarely pass the exam When it came to this season, summer 2022, the loss of both Kasper Schmeichel and Wesley Fofana happened simultaneously. with the need to tighten the belt to save the budget Emphasis on buying cheap money.

The result is an overall quality of power that is markedly “deteriorating” from previous sets.

– Infrastructure doesn’t help

In fact, it’s a good thing that King Power, in the era of Aiyawat Srivaddhanaprabha, focused on building. “Infrastructure ” for the club, investing hundreds of millions of pounds in a new training ground. Construction of utility systems, fitness centers, sports science systems and modern medical equipment

But when a large budget is spent on that part The money left over to increase the quality of football directly is shrinking and it must be admitted that Leicester are not a team that is very good at marketing.

– Slowly, get a phat…in the face.

The first is that they moved a little slower than removing Brendan Rodgers from his position (April 2, ranks back to the red zone). Two games with inexperienced interim manager Adam Sadler and lost both at home (1-2 Aston Villa, 0-1 Bournemouth).

Until Dean Smith can come to save the situation It’s too late.

Because in fact, Smith’s work on the chair of the fox advisor It’s not bad at all. with taking the team into the field at the end of 8 matches, winning 2, drawing 3 and losing only 3 games

Only when combined with the period of vagueness before that. It therefore appeared a bruising image of only winning 2 out of the last 16 games and causing Leicester to lose the points they should have reached within reach. Relegated as 18th, only 2 points behind Everton.