Rooney insists ‘Messi’ is GOAT

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Wayne Rooney still insists on his opinion that Lionel Messi is the greatest. He emphasized that this was not an insult to former team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo

. The team Before Ronaldo came out to respond that the former Englishman was jealous of his success. During an interview with Piers Morgan,

Rooney also once praised Messi as the greatest player. In the midst of controversy that Ronaldo may be the man who deserves such praise no less, the

latest Rooney continues to confirm his original opinion. He stressed that this was not an insult to Ronaldo in any way:

“Some people might see it as an insult to Cristiano Ronaldo, but that’s not even close to reality,” he wrote. via The UFABET

“I have a lot of respect for Cristiano and when people argue he is the greatest. I understand and accept the opinions, but for me, Messi is just something different

. He has the ability to receive and hold the ball, command the game, dribble opponents, pass the ball, score goals and make the difference

. He will always be in control of the game. He’s in control of everything when the ball is at his feet. This includes your decisions. Being his opponent is a very difficult job,”

Rooney wrote. “You want to put pressure on him. But know that even if you do, you won’t be able to get the ball. There are certain moments when you might get into a fight with him. as he dribbled towards him But usually you have no way of chasing him in time. you might be bigger than him But I can’t use my strength against him at all.”

“The difference between Messi and almost every dribbler is that He’s always on the move. There was hardly a time when he stopped. He lunged forward with the ball. and if blocked He will pass the ball to wait to receive it back. When you go under pressure he will pass the ball Then you might be stuck. And that’s when he’s alive ′

′ You can see it happens very often. He passes the ball and the defenders get a little jaded and Messi gets the ball back and continues. It takes so much strength to deal with him that you’re exhausted. He will hit you until it is almost impossible for you to stop him.”