Reveals ‘Marciniak’ was challenged before becoming a referee

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Mark Clattenburg Former celebrity referee revealed the secret that Simon Marciniak Pao, a Polish used to be a football player but was challenged to serve as a director Since then, Marciniak has been selected to take charge of tonight’s crucial match between Argentina and France in the 2022 World Cup final at Lusail Stadium.

.Tenberg said: “I know Simon Marciniak, I was fourth referee for him at Euro 2016 Iceland v Austria

After the 2-1 win in Iceland, we agreed that Marciniak has a big future ahead. The biggest one is Argentina vs France in the World Cup final.

“Marciniac used to be a player in his native Poland. But the story happened when he was sent off by a red card one day. Then he went and told the referee jokingly. How do you feel about that decision? “If you think it’s easy Come and try to blow it.” So he came to blow it! He trained to become a professional referee ′′ Marciniak can be proud of that. His form in Qatar brought him to Lusail Stadium, remember this is not a knockout match for international competitions only. the UFABET report

. one major mistake and Marciniak I would have gone home ′

′ But the 41-year-old referee performed in the game that Argentina beat Australia 2-1 and France beat Denmark 2-1, impressive Collina. And the team enough to get this opportunity “