‘Messi world champion’ heart-warming moment

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Lionel Messi led the “blue-white” army in a penalty shoot-out to beat France 4-2 after a 3-3 draw in extra time before winning the World Cup. The third generation came to dominate

Alexei Lalas, a former US national team defender, admitted that the moment at the Argentina national team Winning the World Cup was a very heart-warming moment.

after the end of that game. Former Goatee Player Said he was pleased with Messi. with great success Even trying to say that he is not a fan of this superstar

“I’ll be honest today, Messi and Argentina’s victory. It makes me so inspiring.”

“It’s absolutely beautiful to see that passion. Turning around, we know what a game will look like.

“And in the end. We get to see his general humanity. Including teammates as well.

“There was a lot of crying over there. Because of this gift that we have been talking about throughout the tournament. Finally, it was given to this amazing human being. A man doing things on the football pitch that we had never seen before. The UFABET report

“I was happy in the scene where he was given that gift. You could see how much it meant to him. but more importantly It means his teammates can do it too. Although many times it seemed to have been taken from their hands.”