Dragon Tiger Formula

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Dragon Tiger Formula Online This is the Original formula according to the UFABET edition that most people choose to use. It is a relatively safe formula suitable for players of all levels, be it beginners, intermediate and advanced players, and players with low capital can also try it for profit. which let me tell you that this formula It will not make you profit from playing Dragon Tiger a lot at once. It will be playing to earn money step by step. No more haste. because it is less risky Even though it’s not that much of a profit, it helps the player to have less risk of loss. It is considered another formula or another good way to play that should be try. And once you’ve mastered it, you may apply it in your own way or try it in conjunction with other formulas to increase your excitement and profit as well. By using the formula Dragon Tiger online Step UFABET are as follows.

  1. Divide your own bets into 4 eyes or 4 woods, which bet on playing time. The bettor must bet a total of 100 baht for the first time.
  2. If the first eye loses, bet on the second eye by placing a bet of 200 in order to make a profit. and capital returns in this turn
  3. If the second eye still fails There are two options. Let’s stop playing. then change the table Or try to reduce your own bet level.
  4. Or try increasing your bet to 400 to get back that lost capital. But if it still doesn’t work Must stop playing immediately because it should not be forced to push back the lost money once again because it will become a more risky action

Double layout betting formula

is another way One strategy for observing the card values ​​that occur at the table. Find a table with a double result. With an example, the dragon side wins 2 consecutive turns, then the tiger wins, and the next turn the dragon wins 2 more times, etc. You can start betting to change sides. It will help you win the next turn.  Because you don’t have to play every turn. But the eye that plays will get a profit every time.

Table tennis card layout formula

similar to a double layout But the double card will be that one side wins in two consecutive eyes. But the ping-pong card is that the results will be alternated continuously. You can observe that if the cards alternate more than 4 times. Then that means that the ping-pong card has been formed. All you have to do is to keep betting on ping pong until the outcome of that card changes. There used to be a record that ping-pong cards came out up to 51 times ever.

The layout of the Dragon Tiger table tennis card is actually a modified form from the Baccarat table tennis card layout. The advantage is that you will lose very little. Because you will keep making profits from table tennis bets until the outcome changes. In which you will lose, it will only happen once. Until a new table tennis card is issued again

opposite bet

Warning: This method is suitable for people who have experience playing with it. or high level Dragon Tiger players only

This is a method that mainly uses observation, experience, speed and may add a little more luck to decide which side to bet on. In this way, we have to take the betting statistics of that table to calculate as well. How is the result of betting? We bet against those people. This formula can be supplemented with the Dragon Tiger betting formula step UFABET, or table tennis cards as well. When increasing the chances of winning more Therefore, it is a method that is more suitable for high-level players.

And this is the Dragon Tiger formula. practical And increasing the opportunity to make money, make money for playing online casinos or online card games as well, and also reduces the risk of Betting online as well, if you don’t forget to apply it to each other, there is actually a Dragon Tiger formula. More if anyone wants to learn playing dragon tiger For more information, you can contact customer service. to get credit Play Free Dragon Tiger and Free Dragon Tiger Cheats free baccarat formula Top secret as well Hurry up and sign up and contact our customer service.