Bitter Melon: The Fruit That Can Help With Diabetes

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The claims about the medicinal properties of bitter melon. How true or false will it be? Some studies and medical evidence have proven various aspects food as follows:

Bitter melon and the treatment of diabetes.

Controlling blood sugar levels is a way to treat diabetes. ufabet If blood sugar levels are high, continuously. It can cause damage to nerves, blood vessels, and various organs within the body. Many people have heard that can help treat diabetes. This may be because bitter melon contains certain chemicals that act like insulin. Which some studies report indicate that Eating may help regulate blood sugar levels. It may also be beneficial to people with type 2 diabetes. But some studies have shown different results. It was found that did not help adjust blood sugar levels. In addition, there is still insufficient medical evidence to conclude that is actually beneficial to people with type 2 diabetes. So further study is needed. To clearly prove the effectiveness of bitter gourd in this aspect.

Bitter melon and its Anti -oxidant properties.

Free radicals are one factor that causes damage to body cells. and may increase the risk of cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Many people believe that may be a vegetable that helps fight free radicals. This is because bitter melon contains many phenolic substances such as Gallic acid, Caffeic acid and Catechin. Which are phytochemicals that have antioxidant properties. There are also studies that show that leaves have antioxidant properties and may help prevent dark spots on the skin. But the experiment was only a laboratory study. Therefore, further study is necessary.